COTT Workshop LP


Presented by: PlusThis and SixthDivision

Become an Infusionsoft TITAN! Get the campaigns, tools and training to launch campaigns that convert!

Launch proven campaigns

  • Get three, proven done-for-you campaigns that top entrepreneurs use that we'll build for you: (Consultation SMS Campaign, Monkeypod's Ultimate Webinar Campaign, Four Day Cash Machine Campaign)
  • Get access to a professional videographer and a space dedicated for recording any content you need while you’re out visiting us.
  • Get exclusive access to professional implementers, coaches and marketing leadership from SixthDivision, PlusThis and Monkeypod Marketing
  • Sit down for a 1-on1 strategy session with our ads manager, Jordan Hall from Site Traffic Control to work on an ad plan for your business.
  • LAUNCH before you leave, and get the peace of mind that your campaigns are working for you.

Special Guests

Greg "MonkeyPod" Jenkins

Greg Jenkins is the founder of Monkeypod Marketing, where he focuses on empowering entrepreneurs through online courses and educational resources. More specifically, he helps Infusionsoft users understand the software in different ways, and at higher levels, to maximize the return on their monthly investment

Greg will be conducting a half day session helping attendees get implemented with his automated webinar campaign.  

Nolan Nissle - NGN Pictures

Nolan is founder and owner of NGN Pictures. He's our go to camera and video production team when we want something proffesionally filmed and produced.

During the event if you would like to have something filmed for your campaigns or something else you're working on, feel free to block off some time with Nolan while you are out.

Jordan Hall - Site Traffic Control

Jordan is the founder of Site Traffic Control. We use him to manage all of our Facebook and Google Ads. If you've seen our ads everywhere and wonder how we do our retargeting and ad strategies, Jordan's your guy.  

We'll have Jordan on hand to spend one on one time going over an ad strategy plan for your business if you have any questions.


ONLY $1,997

This is a 1-Time Special Event


Businesses using Infusionsoft who want the same, proven campaigns implemented and launched that top entrepreneurs use in their businesses


2-Day in-person event focused on implementing a set of campaigns that can grow your business and give you a template for creating campaigns in the future  


Sept 19-20

Wednesday- Thursday 

8 am - 5 pm.


SixthDivision HQ in Chandler, AZ. Fly into Sky Harbor PHX Airport


You want campaigns that top entrepreneurs use to grow and automate your business. And, you want them implemented for you and yesterday

Why You Would Attend

Because I want proven campaigns that top entrepreneurs use to grow and automate my business

You and up to two of your team members would attend if any of the following are true:

  • You use Infusionsoft in your business.
  • You want to start using proven campaigns from the best digital marketing titans in the world
  • You feel like you've wasted money because you know you could be using Infusionsoft more effectively.
  • You want the secret tools & strategies the experts use to produce seven-figure, fully automated funnels
  • You don't know where to find a professional implementation team and a professional videographer you can trust
  • Your Infusionsoft is a graveyard of unfinished campaigns....or campaigns that don't work
  • You can do it yourself, but you don't. There's always something a little more "urgent" keeping you from what's more important.
  • You know a project in Infusionsoft should take HALF or even a QUARTER of the time it's taking.
  • You're frustrated because you aren't getting what you want out of Infusionsoft.
  • You know automation can radically help your business, but you haven't logged in for a long time.



  • 3 Campaigns - 3-done-for-you proven campaigns that top entrepreneurs use 
  • Implementation Experts - Get access to the same implementation experts that have helped big names like Frank Kern, Daymond John, Dave Ramsey, JJ Virgin, etc.
  • Professional Videographer - Get access to a professional on-site videographer
  • Ad Manager - Work on an ad plan with our ads manager while you're here
  • Technical Training - Learn all about the tools the pros use to truly scale their businesses
  • Launch Deadline - Commit to launch your campaigns so they start working for you before you leave


“I can't speak highly enough about the Campaigns of the Titans resource. It jumpstarted my understanding of how to effectively (and confidently) utilize both the Infusionsoft campaign builder and PlusThis. SO many questions answered. If you're using either of these tools—and especially if you're using both—you absolutely *have* to check out this resource!”

Danny Deffenbaugh

"I consider myself a very knowledgeable user of Infusionsoft, and have built hundreds of successful campaigns for my clients. Campaigns of the Titans is a resource I refer to's like looking over the shoulders of the best-of-the-best. The insights I've gained from COTT 1&2 have saved me countless hours. I learned long ago that the quickest path to success is to follow those who've gone before you. "  

Mark Klipsch